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Hair Transplant Costs

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Compare Hair Transplant Cost In Turkey & Save Money

Hair loss impacts more people than you probably realise. It’s estimated that 1 in 3 people will experience premature hair loss in their lifetime. There is no shame in wanting to restore your thinning hair, and this is exactly why hair transplants exist. It’s no longer only for the rich and famous, as hair transplant costs are more affordable than ever before. The price of a hair transplant in Turkey may surprise you.

Reduce your Hair Transplantation Costs by up to 70%

How To Reduce Your Hair Transplant Costs

On this page, you will find everything you need to know about the price of hair transplants. We will teach you about average costs, what influences the price of a transplant, and how you can save a load of money on your procedure. A new head of hair can be made much more affordable, and we will show you how. 

Price Of A Hair Transplant in Turkey

The hair transplant average cost is still high in the USA, the UK, and other parts of Europe. The good news though is that hair transplantation costs in Turkey are up to 70% less than these places. You can enjoy the same benefits and great results but at a fraction of the cost. Why wouldn’t you want to save so much money and get a better hair transplant price? The clinics are of a great standard, and the doctors are well qualified. The hardest part is scrolling through hundreds of websites and finding the best. Don’t worry, we’re here to help with that. We not only compare the hair transplant price in Turkey but also the quality of the service.

Another factor that allows Turkey to provide lower hair transplant costs is the availability of doctors. There are more transplant surgeons in Turkey than any other country, and so competition is high. Clinics are competing, and are offering rock-bottom prices to attract patients. 

Waiting for the plane

All-Inclusive Packages and Low Hair Transplant Prices

How We Help You Find The Best Transplant In Turkey

Included in your price, of course, the hair transplant itself. The type of procedure used will be pre-determined during the consultation process and will influence how much you pay. The price covers your surgery, as well as anaesthesia used. You will also be given immediate aftercare, including dressings and medications required for a fast and comfortable recovery. Cost plays a huge part in making the decision to have a transplant, and we are here to help you find the best value. 

Not just the lowest prices, but the most for your money. Requirements vary depending on a number of factors, and so we are able to consider every individual case. Filling in our online form takes just a few seconds, and using the information you provide, we can recommend the best clinic for your needs.

Hair Transplant Cost In Turkey

Hair transplantation costs used to be through the roof, and the surgery would be exclusive for those that could afford the luxury. This is no longer the case, with the price of a hair transplant in Turkey making it affordable for the average person. Travelling abroad is the best choice when it comes to value for money.

Bespoke Pricing For Your Specific Hair Loss

The price of hair transplants vary greatly, and there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Every case is different, and the price will be catered to your specific requirements. This is why many clinics do not advertise fixed pricing, although it is a bonus when they do. The first influencing factor is the severity of your hair loss. The more grafts that you will need, the higher the cost will be. Regardless of this, you can still save plenty of money by heading to Turkey.

How To Get The Best Price Hair Transplant

Using a website like is a great place to start in finding the best hair transplant cost in Turkey. We compare hundreds of clinics and assess prices to present you with the best options for your procedure. You are guaranteed to make a saving with us.

One Price for Everything - No hidden costs!

Why Do Hair Transplant Costs Vary?

One of the most important things to understand when it comes to hair transplants is what your options are. There are several different techniques used, all with their own benefits and suitability criteria. Procedures using the traditional FUT method are the most affordable, but fewer clinics are offering this. Many have traded in the FUT approach for better options. The more modern and natural replacement is FUE, which comes with a slightly higher cost but the increase isn’t significant. If you opt for a Sapphire FUE or Robotic FUE procedure this is when you can start to see quite a difference in the hair transplant average cost. DHI is the most expensive of all. 

Why Are Hair Transplantation Costs So Low In Turkey?

Hair transplant costs in Turkey are often up to 70% lower than elsewhere. So why is the hair transplant price so cheap in Turkey specifically? The primary reason is that operating costs are significantly lower in Turkey than elsewhere. Clinics are able to buy equipment and hire surgeons at much lower prices, and this brings the hair transplantation cost down. This means that you are able to get a favourable hair transplant price, while still getting a great standard of service. Another factor that allows Turkey to provide lower hair transplant costs is the availability of doctors. There are more transplant surgeons in Turkey than any other country, and so competition is high. Clinics are competing, and are offering rock-bottom prices to attract patients.

Save Thousands on Your Transplantation Costs By Using

Choosing The Right Hair Transplant

It can be tempting to opt for the highest number of grafts and the most dramatic of results, but this can directly influence how natural your transplant looks. The aim of a hair transplant is to look like you haven’t had one, so the last thing you want is a terrible hairline. For the most part, your doctor should advise you during your consultation period. The doctor will recommend a certain number of grafts, and you will mutually agree on hairline and density. During the whole process, just keep in mind that you will want a natural hair transplant, and sometimes less is more. Also, remember that the hair transplant average cost is lower when there are fewer grafts.

The Different Types Of Hair Transplants - FUT, FUE & DHI Hair Transplants

  • FUT – Follicular Unit Transplantation is also known as the strip procedure. The reason behind its nickname is simple, as the technique involves taking a strip of skin from the donor area. It’s the most invasive type of transplant when compared to more modern methods, and so comes at a lower cost. There is a risk of scarring though, so this is something to consider.
  • FUE – Follicular Unit Extraction is the most popular transplant method. It includes carefully harvesting hair follicles from the donor area one by one and transplanting them just as carefully into the area for new hair. Because of the intricate level of detail involved, the FUE hair transplant costs are more than the traditional FUT method. A qualified doctor with experience in FUE is required, and the procedure takes longer. The final result is much better though, promising minimal scarring and the most natural-looking hairline.
  • Sapphire FUE – The Sapphire FUE method is nearly identical to the original FUE procedure, but with a much better and more precise tool. The benefit of this is a more natural finish and less discomfort following the transplant. Sapphire FUE used to be a very specialist surgery but is becoming more readily available across clinics in Turkey, and hair transplant costs with the Sapphire FUE are higher.
  • Robotic FUE – Artificial intelligence is finding its way into the cosmetic surgery industry. This involves a doctor using a robotic arm to carry out your surgery. Not only does this mean a much quicker procedure, but also far greater results due to the precision available. As you might expect, the hair transplantation costs for robotic FUE surgery are higher, but they are some of the best transplants on the market.
  • DHI – Direct Hair Implantation is the most expensive of all hair transplants. The outcome from a DHI transplant is second-to-none, and this is what drives the price up. If you have a bigger budget available, we strongly recommend considering a DHI hair transplant.

All-Inclusive Hair Transplant Packages Include Transfers & Accommodation

All Inclusive Hair Transplant Costs - What’s Included?

  • The Transplant Procedure – The price covers your surgery, as well as anaesthesia used. You will also be given immediate aftercare, including dressings and medications required for a fast and comfortable recovery.
  • Hotel Accommodation – Hair transplant packages are normally always all-inclusive, which means your hotel accommodation is included in the price. Clinics in Turkey specialise in providing a luxury experience, so you can expect a 4-star hotel, or better. This will involve a large and comfortable room, as well as breakfast, and often on-site spa facilities.
  • Transportation – From the second you arrive in Turkey, your transport will be taken care of. This includes both being collected from the airport and taken to your hotel, as well as driven between your transplant appointments. These transfers are often described as VIP because the cars used are high-end, with added extras like leather seats for your comfort.
  • Needleless anaesthetics – A hair transplant can be practically painless, and this is thanks to the innovative needleless anaesthesia offered to patients. Even those with needle phobias should be just fine with this method, and it is a much better option than sedation. General anaesthesia requires a longer recovery time and can have side effects, so it’s great to avoid this. This needle-free approach is included in the cost of many hair transplants or can be a small additional fee.
  • Pre-Op and Post-Op Care – Your all-inclusive package will include every aspect of pre-op and post-op care. Exact details will vary depending on the clinic, but you can expect some certain things as standard. Consultations before and after your transplant, as well as all required blood tests and medications, are all covered in the hair transplant costs with good clinics. There really is nothing else for you to worry about.
  • Hair-Growth Guarantee – Once your procedure is complete, it can take up to a year before you see the desired results. Most hair transplantation costs include a hair-growth guarantee for added peace of mind, but not all. If the outcome isn’t satisfactory, you will be offered another transplant or a refund. If a clinic does not offer this, it is always a red flag for us.

There are some optional upgrades available with clinics that include extra features, such as:

  • An extra night in the hotel
  • Hotel upgrades, larger rooms etc
  • Additional aftercare medications and supplements
  • A guided tour of Istanbul
  • Additional recovery tools e.g. pillows
  • More follow up appointments post-op
  • Additional grafts during the procedure
  • Upgraded transplant methods, e.g. Sapphire.

Hair Transplant Prices as low as €1,100

So, How Much Does A Hair Transplant Cost?

Hair transplant costs in Turkey are around €2,500 on average, but they can start much lower. To put this into context, the exact same procedure in the USA can come in at $25,000, or somewhere around £10,000 in the UK. As well as being substantially cheaper, you also get more for your money in Turkey. For one low price, clinics in Turkey will provide you with everything you need, from your surgery, right through to hotel and transfers. The only thing left for you to arrange and pay for in addition is your international flights.

So, why the dramatic difference in hair transplant costs? How is it that you can pay up to 10x less in Turkey for the same surgery? The sheer number of clinics and the availability of doctors play a huge part. The cost of supplies is also lower in Turkey, and this saving is passed on to you. Not least, the Turkish lira has fallen dramatically over recent years which also makes it great for health tourism value.

Not only are you saving 70% on hair transplant costs by travelling to Turkey, but you are still receiving the high-quality standards of care. We have created this table below to demonstrate the average cost of hair transplants by country.

Ranking Country Average Hair Transplant Cost
€1,100 - €4,200
€3,000 - €14,000
United Kingdom
€5,500 - €33,000
€10,000 - €20,000
€7,200 - €21,200

Travelling Abroad For Your Transplant

 Travelling abroad for cosmetic surgery might seem like an extreme measure, but it’s actually very common. Medical tourism has become more popular in recent years, mostly because of the attractive prices available. Price is obviously a huge plus, but there are other benefits to choosing to go abroad.

As well as the surgery, there are also pre-op and post-op treatments, consultations and medications included with transplants in Turkey. Many of the hair transplant costs for other countries are not only substantially higher but are also procedure-only. The only thing left for you to do when booking a transplant in Turkey is to book your flights and pack your sunglasses if you’re landing in the summer. Turkey is a beautiful country and there is so much to see. Once you have had a chance to rest following your procedure, you could also do some sightseeing. Some of the clinics listed on our site actually include this as part of their package. This means that you can have your transplant and also a mini-break at the same time.

There are, of course, benefits to having a hair transplant in your home country. You’re closer to home and there is no travel involved, for example. It can be tempting to want to have your surgery at home. However, the savings for going abroad far outweigh inconveniences, which are virtually non-existent. The all-inclusive aspect of hair transplant costs in Turkey means that there’s no work involved for you.

Hair Transplant Costs Can Vary - Get the Best Offers

Factors That Influence Hair Transplant Costs

A hair transplant cost can vary greatly depending on a number of things. It’s not just about which clinic is more expensive, or which is cheapest, there are other factors at play. We want to help patients find the lowest prices, while still getting the best quality service. To do this, you need to understand what things can influence the cost of your transplant. Keep reading to find out what they are.

1. How Many Grafts You Need

The number of grafts you will need completely depends on your hair loss as an individual. The severity of hair loss is measured on the Norwood Scale, and where you are on this will influence how many grafts are required. The hair implant costs will include anywhere from 3,000 to 5,000 grafts, as this is usually enough. If your case is particularly severe, you may need more grafts, which can directly influence the price of your procedure.

This will all be discussed during your consultation, so you will know from the very beginning how much your hair transplant will cost. You may be wondering how these conversations go when working with a clinic abroad, but it’s really easy. You will be asked to send pictures of your hair from different angles and using this, the doctor will decide the best course of action.

Your personal preferences will play a role in the decision of how many grafts you have. If you want a thick head of hair, you will need a higher number of grafts. Although, the doctor will tell you what is realistic and what is not, so it is a collaborative decision.

2. The Specific Type Of Hair Transplant

Most of us are quick to think that a hair transplant just means the hair on the top of our head, but it’s not the only option. You can also have transplants of the eyebrows, beards, and even certain areas of body hair. A head hair transplant costs more than body hair transplants, so you might be pleasantly surprised by how little a beard or eyebrow procedure can cost. You can get the beard you have been dreaming about or improve the density of your eyebrows for a reasonable price with clinics in Turkey.

The methodology remains the same regardless of the type of transplant you choose. The hair is taken from the donor area and implanted into the place you wish to grow hair. This is a great option for men who have dreamed about having a beard, as you are essentially able to design your very own shape. Good eyebrows can make a huge difference to a person’s face, and so more people are opting for fuller but natural brows too. The average hair transplant requires anywhere from 2000 grafts, but these body hair transplants require a lot less. This, and taking much less time, is why they are usually the cheapest.

3. The Method And Techniques Used

There are many different methods, some standard and some more cutting-edge. The method used has a direct influence on hair transplant costs. The FUT transplant is the most affordable of all but is becoming slightly outdated. Because the method leaves a discreet yet visible scar, it’s often the last choice. It’s a case of weighing up the pros and cons of whether the lower price justifies the final result.

The FUE method is more expensive than FUT but still considered to be reasonably affordable. The revolutionary technique involves much more meticulous harvesting and transplanting processes for a more natural finish. That said, it does still take a long time to do. You can be in the chair for as long as 4-8 hours while having an FUE transplant, which is enough to put some people off. DHI is the most expensive type of hair transplant. That’s because this technique requires a highly skilled surgeon to соntrоl the аnglе, depth and dіrесtіоn оf the іmрlаntеd follicle using the Choi implanter tool. There are several benefits to this method including a faster healing time and not having to shave the recipient area. Sounds good, right? It is, but the hair transplant costs are quite a bit higher.

We Help You Find the Best Hair Transplant Deals

Things We Look For In Hair Transplant Clinics

One of our biggest priorities is finding patients the best value, but there are a lot of other things we look at during our clinic reviews. We want the process to be as easy as possible from the beginning, and so being able to book a consultation quickly is important.

Before looking at hair transplant costs, we look at other aspects of the clinic first. The most important parts include the facility itself, which procedures they carry out and whether they hold an A-License or not. We want to see a clinic offer a wide range of services and have high-quality doctors doing and overseeing each surgery. We have briefly outlined the areas of our review process below:

  • The Booking Process – How easy is it to book a consultation and is there plenty of information available on the website? The clinic needs to make a good first impression to score highly in this area. The best clinics have a quick and easy contact form that takes a few seconds to fill in and arrange a call-back. You shouldn’t have to work hard to find the answers to your questions, and we make sure of it.
  • Pre-op care – Before your operation, any good clinic will carry out certain aspects of pre-op care. This will include blood tests and assessments, as well as plenty of guidance on how to best prepare yourself ahead of surgery. Bonus points are given if there are pre-op products and medications provided to patients too.
  • Arrival and Accommodation – We firstly look at the quality of the hotel offered by the clinic which should always be at least 4-stars. Comfortable beds and rooms should come as standard and not considered an upgrade. A meet-and-greet at the airport on arrival is vital to the overall experience, and we expect every clinic to provide an English-speaking coordinator. From the second you arrive in Turkey you should feel like everything is taken care of. Transportation between the airport, your hotel, and the clinic should be all-inclusive and you should not need to arrange anything of your own. All of these aspects play a huge part in your overall experience with the clinic and during your hair transplant, so we don’t overlook them.
  • The Doctors and the Facility – Do the doctors at the clinic have expertise in the field and proven experience in hair transplantation? We don’t just want to see a state-of-the-art medical facility, but also a comfortable and enjoyable place to spend your time. There should be entertainment, lunch provided and comfortable furniture to relax. We look at every area of the hospital and clinics to ensure they are up to our high standards and suitable for patients.

We have reviewed 100s of clinics in Turkey and know everything there is to know about hair transplant costs in the country. As well as all of the above-mentioned criteria, pricing and value for money are of the utmost importance to us. We usually look at this towards the end of a review, as the results in other sections can influence whether a clinic is worth its price.

Rated out of 5, the clinic reviews on our site consider each and every area of the hair transplant process. You can be confident that we have thoroughly assessed each clinic listed on before publishing.

The Step-By-Step Transplant Process

Booking and Before You Travel

With any clinic, your hair transplant journey begins with a consultation. Your hair loss and desired results will be discussed, and the best course of action. It is at this point that you will find out your hair transplant costs. This stage is all done via video call, so there’s no need to travel back and forth to Turkey. You will still receive the same high standards of care that you would if the consultations were face-to-face, so don't worry about that. Once this is complete, you will then decide on a date and book your appointment.

On Your Arrival to Turkey

Every aspect of your stay in Turkey is taking care of from the minute you land. You will have a driver meet you at the airport and take you to your hotel, and also transport you between appointments. After your arrival, it is important to rest up and prepare for your procedure, and this is why the 4 and 5 star hotels offered make a real difference. Some packages also have breakfast and dinner included in the price, so you may not even need to buy food.

After Your Transplant

The hours and days immediately after your hair transplant are vital to your recovery and the best results. You will be given dressings and specially-designed pillows, as well as advice on how to best care for your hair. Your first hair wash before you leave Turkey will also be included in the hair transplant costs. As with any surgery, always be sure to follow the advice of your doctor.

When You’re Back Home

Depending on the clinic, you will be given varying levels of aftercare. There is always a minimum standard that you can expect. This can include some advice and information leaflets, or post-op supplements and medications. With enhanced aftercare, you may also be given additional products included in the cost.

Hair Transplants in Turkey Are Up to 70% Cheaper

Hair Transplant Costs - The Final Verdict

Hair transplant costs have come down a lot since they first became available, even more so abroad. The competitive nature of medical tourism is allowing more of us to have the cosmetic procedures we have always dreamed of. To us, that can only be a good thing.

Countries like Turkey are offering rock-bottom prices for hair transplants, as well as an all-inclusive service. This might just mean that the USA and UK based clinics need to re-evaluate their affordability and procedure costs. There are many people who were too nervous to travel abroad for inexpensive hair transplant procedures. Even those patients are now reaping the rewards of what Turkey has to offer.

Higher Profile Doctors And Higher Hair Transplant Costs

If you want your hair transplant done by the finest doctors in the industry, this will come with a higher hair transplant costs. This is similar to every aspect of cosmetic surgery and medicine. Some clinics in Turkey have doctors that were pioneers in the hair transplant surgery, with decades of experience.

A hair transplant with a high-profile doctor who is in high demand will result in higher prices and longer waiting times. That said, if you want the best, you must be willing to pay for the best. You will know if there is a high-profile doctor at the clinic as it is often one of the first things they will advertise.

Travelling Abroad Is Best For Low Hair Transplant Prices

You can stay in your home country and pay a premium on your hair transplant costs. There will be no flying or international travel involved, and you will be familiar with where you are. This all sounds great, but could cost you 70% more than just taking a short flight to Turkey and being taken care of there. You will only actually be in Turkey for 3-4 nights, so it’s really not a long trip away from home.

If you opt for the sightseeing package as part of your hair transplant costs, you can also get a lot more from your time in Istanbul. It’s a great excuse to explore a new city that has many great sights for tourists. All of this can be arranged by the clinic and comes with a tour guide. 

So all in all, you get to visit the beautiful country of Turkey, have a high-quality transplant done, and pay significantly less than you would elsewhere. It’s the perfect solution for affordable hair transplant costs. We have helped thousands of patients in their mission for better hair, and we love nothing more than seeing the great results.

Up to 70% off your hair transplant in Turkey

Everything you need to know about hair transplant Prices

Frequently Asked Questions

Hair transplants in Turkey are so less expensive than elsewhere in the world because of the lower operation costs. Running a hospital, hiring staff and buying equipment costs less in Turkey, and so this impacts the price of surgeries. 

 There are so many variables involved in pricing a hair transplant that it’s hardly surprising that prices can differ so much. Clinics may charge more per graft or per procedure because of the doctor involved, their impressive facility and many other factors. In our reviews we take a look at hair transplant costs by clinic, and assess whether or not the price is justified in the service. 

Hair transplant clinics in Turkey offer one all-inclusive price. This includes your transplant, accommodation, transfers and much more. There are no additional hidden costs involved. There are, however, optional extras such as VIP upgrades or extra aftercare products. If you wish, you can opt for the procedure-only price, and make your own arrangements for accommodation and transport. This can often work out much more expensive though.

 Yes, every clinic listed on our website is legitimate, safe and fully qualified to carry out hair transplants and other procedures.

 Yes, your hair transplant costs will be cheaper if you have less grafts. However, the number of grafts you need will depend on your hair loss. If you are recommended a certain number, and take less to save money, you may not achieve your desired results. It is best to follow the doctors advice about how many grafts you will require for the best outcome.

Get Started with for the Best Hair Transplant Costs

Getting in touch with our friendly team couldn’t be easier. We’re here to advise you during every step of the way, from the price of hair transplants and beyond. We can discuss your individual case, and pair you up with the perfect clinic to suit your budget and requirements. The team here at do all of the hard work so that you don’t have to, and that is the unique thing about our great service.